Tuesday, 25 March 2014

How-To Fix A Missing Piece From A Stained Table Top

I have a bit of a technical post for you today, so if you're not into the technicalities of fixing antique timber furniture...just have a quick scroll down and look at the gorgeous end result and then you can move onto the next awesome blogger's post in your feed! It's ok...I don't mind ;-)

Late last year I was asked if I would restore the top of an antique wine table that also had a small piece missing. I was a little nervous, having not attempted to fix something like that before, but I said 'yes' and was lucky to have an awesome client who helped me with how to do it! (She is/was a painter and told me how she would go about it, she didn't have time to so was happy for me to have a go!)

As well as to replace the missing piece, I had to refinish the top as it had lots of wear and tear, white rings and the like. Gotta use coasters for your coffee/tea people...its the only way to stop those white rings appearing. :-)

This is the table top after I'd sanded a bit, but before I filled that hole.

My initial concern was how I was going to get that same rounded shape, or lip the table top has with whatever product I used, and could I find something that would actually stay in there and not just fall out.
Then when I started researching products at Mitre 10 - resin was at the top of the list - I was told that resin could not be stained, but could be sanded just like timber. So now I had a new dilemma. I'd found a product that could stick and be sanded into the shape I wanted, but it was gonna stick out like a sore thumb because it was going to be white.

Luckily, my client suggested using pure pigment to tint the resin. And it worked like a charm!!

I used Knead It by Selleys and some pure pigment which I got from the local art supplies store for $4. I had to pick from about 4 or 5 shades of brown, so I just went with my instinct.
I grated the pigment into a plastic container, then broke off the Knead It and while I was 'kneading it'...I added some grated pigment in until I was happy with the colour.
With Knead It, you get about two minutes to play with it before it starts to go off, so I had to move fairly quickly.
I pressed it into the space and tried to mold it into shape as best as I could, then left it to dry.
The next day I sanded it with my mouse sander, (it was as hard as a rock!) then by hand to blend it into the real timber I then cleaned, dried and stained the whole table top.
Then all that was left to do was seal it, which I did with teak oil in a few coats to blend with the base of the table, which didn't need any refinishing done.

I was really happy with how it worked out and my client was happy, so win/win! It took me a while to find the fixed section to show her when she picked the table up! :-)

Hopefully I'll get to do something like this again down the track ;-)
And I'm hoping this was easy enough for you to understand, should you need to do this yourself one day.

Ask away if you have any questions?

I'm off to put girls to bed, then into the shed! Hope you're having a killer week!!

Courts xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Before And After: Retro Bedside


I have an awesome before and after to show you today!
It's one of those 'hard-to-believe-its-the-same-piece kind of re-designs. My favorite!!

It's only small, as far as furniture goes. But it sure packs a punch!!

Wanna see??

Here's what it looked like when I bought it...

And here it is now!!!

Big difference, huh?!

When I first showed my mum this one, she asked if I was going to put a handle/knob back on.
It really doesn't need one though as the drawer hangs down and it can be opened from there.
Adding a knob would make it too busy ;-)

Want details?? Keep reading!!

How I did it-:

*removed the handle and filled the holes with wood putty.
*sanded off the paint until it was nice and smooth.
*marked out my design on the drawer front with tape.
*painted each triangle individually, making sure to wait for it to dry completely before taping the next one. If you don't let it dry completely, the tape can peel some of the paint back off and it has to be re-done. Really...who has time for that?!
*removed the legs, which of course I had checked first to see if that was possible. ;-)
*replaced the legs with refinished vintage legs I already had.
*Once the paint had cured, I sealed it all with beeswax.

You may remember a similar re-design I did last year on this...

Well this beauty has just sold via a beautiful store in Brunswick East, Melbourne - Five Boroughs.
This is my first piece to go into a Melbourne store and I feel really blessed and grateful for the chance to get my 'work' down there and into a broader marketplace.
For those reading this living elsewhere...Melbourne is a 3 1/2 hour drive away from where I live, so it is a challenge to get my things there. Luckily I have a personal courier, Fiona who is at my beck and call for my furniture delivery needs. I'm kidding of course...but huge thanks to Fi for getting this one down to the city for me :-))

New beginnings and exciting times!!

Be back soon ;-)

Courts xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Before And After: Waterfall Dresser

You know how it is when you've been doing a job or work or something for a little while...a creative something I mean, and each thing you create is different than all the others you've ever done? 
Sure there may be some similarities between them all, but they are each unique and you love each one because it holds a little piece of you in it. 
Sounds a little crazy, but when you are doing something creative and you are passionate about your work...you pour a little of yourself into each piece you create. It can't be helped. 
I remember some hair cuts I did in the past that I loved with a passion, and when that happy client walked out, I secretly wished I would bump into them again in the next few days just so I could see my 'work' before it grew out. HAHA!! True story ;-)

Anyway, the point of all this is that a few of those creative works get a little more of you in them than the rest. Who knows why...they just do.
Its almost like playing favorites. Luckily furniture doesn't have feelings. I'd hate for any of them to feel left out ;-)

Well let me introduce you to one of those favorite pieces...

And before I started...

A little during...

And check out the drawer liners! This one was from a newspaper printed in 1950, the same year this piece was made!

This is probably my new favorite colour.

It's almost neon and it is A H M A Y Z I N G  in person!! And looks so good from a distance as well as up close.
Its hard to capture how good this colour is in a photo on a computer or phone/ipad screen.
But I love it.
And I'm not quite ready just yet to reveal what it is.Sorry ;-)

This piece is now safely installed back at its home and it was hard to see it go, I must say!
It really looked so good at mine ;-))

Some quick deets -

*DIY chalk paint
* Heavily sanded (obviously!) with mouse and orbital sanders. (high grit on the orbital)
*Beeswax to seal
*All original hardware. Beautiful!

It came up so beautifully smooth and just the right amount of sheen, curtesy of the beeswax.

Do you love it as much as I? Would you have a neon-ish yellow dresser at yours?
I personally think each room should have a couple of statement pieces ;-)

Courts xx

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