Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Big Decision

There's been something on my mind a lot lately and I've debated over and over whether or not to share it here with you.

Then I decided what the does say 'plus lots more' in my header up there! I think I've covered the vintage furniture redesign pretty well and it's about time I got into the 'lots more' part. :-) plus it is a topic I've talked about before.

About 12 months ago, Tony and I did a 30 day juice fast - which I posted about firstly here and then again here -  and back then, I thought it was the beginning, middle and end of my weight loss story. 
I'd lost 14kgs/30pounds and had dropped three sizes on the bottom and two on the top, down in clothes and had amazing energy!!
Life was good!!

But now I know it was just the beginning.

During that juice fast, I wrote down my goals (an extremely powerful thing to do!) and detailed what I wanted, how I was going to achieve it and gave myself a date to get there by.

Everything I wrote down came true!! (See?! Powerful!) 

And I was stoked when I realised that!! I loved buying smaller clothes and having more energy...but then, after a few months, I really took stock of how I felt and looked and realised I'd let a few old bad habits sneak back in and my energy levels were not 
great. I'd put four kilos back on as well.
I realised that I needed to be even more specific/detailed with my goals and commit fully to the life I 'say' I want.
But I'm a procrastinator.

The weeks and months passed. My eating got bad, my clear head started to fuzz again and I wallowed in feeling like crap. 
Even though I knew what I needed to be doing/eating...I was really good at coming up with excuses as to why I couldn't. 
I figured I couldn't do it. I can't have the body/lifestyle I wanted. That's for other people. The ones 
with the rock hard bodies and no kids and buckets of cash. 

Not little old me.

So I let the self doubt creep in.

Nasty thing that.

So what it really boils down to was my self belief. Doesn't everything?!
If I don't believe in myself, how can I ever achieve anything? How can anyone else believe in me? What example am I setting for my girls?

So I made a decision a little over two weeks ago to believe in myself and I have committed to getting the body/mind/lifestyle I want.
There is so much inspiration online - I've mainly looked at before and afters on instagram and you tube - and so many of them looked and sounded like me that how can I not believe that I  can do it when they are living proof that you can. They didn't give up.
And I am not going to either...which is a big factor in why I'm posting this here at all. I will hold myself accountable to you to follow through with what I'm saying here. :-)

So what am I doing to change things?

Well I'm not juicing...that was an awesome starting point but its not a way of life. My commitment is for permanent change. I am determined. I have a juice every now and then, it's an awesome way to get nutrients :-)
 I am eating clean 95% of the time (so far!)and I am exercising which is something I didn't do at ALL when I was juicing! 
I always had been a sporty/active person, that's how I was brought up, but I'm now way past all the sports I used to play and really hadn't found any excercise in adulthood that I enjoyed. I literally couldn't do an exercise if I didn't enjoy it. I wouldn't last!
Lucky for me I've found things I actually enjoy and I look forward to doing!
I'm running again...well run/walking while I build up my fitness...still at night and still with my hoodie pulled up and in my 12 year old nikes ;-)  I'm also doing yoga which I love! It's challenging but makes me feel so good! Plus I'm getting quite flexible again which is kinda nice.
Its not the 'norm' kind of yoga that I do, its hardcore yoga...DDP yoga to be precise! DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page who is an ex-pro wrestler who developed this style of yoga after he'd injured his back.
His slogan is 'it aint your mama's yoga' ! It sure isn't and I love it!!
I'm starting to feel stronger and I love that feeling, especially when I hadn't realized before that I was feeling weak - mentally and physically.

I could go into so much more detail about eating clean and what that means for me but I'd be here all day/night. But just know that I'm not missing out on anything at all, I've just replaced things I would normally have eaten with clean, less processed ingredients. So far I'm down three kgs but now I'm not really going to weigh myself much. I don't need to worry about that has nothing to do with my new goal.
I've been taking weekly photos, as well as a before one to track my progress and one day I might be brave enough to share them here!

Anyhow, thanks for reading if you've stuck with me (sorry there's no lovely pics to look at) and if you are or have been going through similar lifestyle changes - I'd love to hear from you!! I'd love the support and I'd love to support you women especially need that :-)

The next post will be furniture I promise!!

Courts xx

P.S I forgot to mention that I've also worked my way up to drinking 2 litres of water a day (I'd like to eventually drink more) and I think this is a massively important thing for us to do as it gets rid of all the nasty s*&t that's inside as well as keeping us hydrated. ;-)


Lisa said...

You sound so inspired, I'm so happy for you! The yoga sounds interesting. Drinking enough water is crucial - but hard at this time of night when it's so cold to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Or is that just me?

Rebecca said...

So excited for you! I changed my diet about 2 years ago for health reasons (chronic sinus infections) and it has made me so much healthier!

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

I just got a little teary reading that! Good for you, glad to hear you are looking after yourself. Sometimes our bodies just shut down when we don't look after them and put everyone else first, mine has done that the last few weeks so when I'm on the mend, I'll take a leaf out of your book and start new. I love these posts as well as the furniture, it's nice to now that other people are going through 'stuff' too. So glad I found your blog all those months ago, take care of you xx

Restyled Vintage said...

Good for you Courts, I bet you feel empowered now and that's half the battle!

One weight loss/healthy living story that came to mind for me was Shelly at House of Smiths...I actually haven't read her blog for a while as all the posts got a bit infomercial-ish for me, but her weight loss journey is pretty amazing if you haven't seen/read it already...

xx Karen

Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Good on you Courts! Very inspiring, looking forward following your progress and maybe it will inspire this procrastinator to follow suit! Jo xx

Sue SA said...

Go girl!

Lea said...

I recently cooked this clean pizza and it was a huge hit with the whole fam.
Defo worth making. Best of luck on being a healthier you...I'm striving for it too.

ZippyZippy said...

Great post Courtney, earlier in the year, I started going to Fuzion Fitness blitz workouts, I really like it (surprised myself).
It's on Mon Wed Fri mornings at 6am for 30 mins. He also has a 6:30am group. It's hard work for me, but I have signed up till the end of the year. It's different every day. I also signed up to this round of Michelle Bridges 12wbt, started off really well, but the last week or so, have fallen off the wagon. Hope to stay on the wagon for the last 4 weeks.

Corbin Page said...

Good for you! Keep up the great work! I recently decided I needed to get back in shape and start eating healthy again. It's shocking how much better you feel.


Fiona said...

You are sounding strong, and grounded and determined. I think we all know what we need to be doing - it's getting the started and sticking at it that's tricky. Changing habits. And of course, wanting/needing instant gratification! But it is a long-term project, not a quick fix. You might have inspired me to truly pull my finger out - I've been meaning to do it all year!

Bianca (ivylovesjack) said...

No wonder you're looking so good. Is the yoga something you do at home? Love to hear more about it. I wish I was sporty/active, I absolutely never have been (besides a very random talent for snowboarding). The sneakers I own were bought for me by my mum for netball, I'm pretty sure I stopped playing netball at 14. No shit, they don't even look old. Maybe now's the time to start wearing them out a bit!! Good on you. I'm so happy you're feeling great x

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