Friday, 14 June 2013

Before And After: Pine Hutch In Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So my adventures with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint continue, this time with old white.

We travelled to my parents place for the long weekend, they live 2 1/2 hours away and while Tony and my dad started their long awaited bathroom renovation and my mum cooked/washed/looked after the girls...I de-oranged some of their furniture.

Yep, even my parents have plenty of orange pine and I had four days to get through it.

Seemed like plenty of time but by the end I was exhausted!

Mainly because of this -

My apologies for the terrible pics...its the best I could do at the time ;-)

This one started off like this -

You can barely see those mandarin's can you? They just blend right in with the orange pine ;-)

We removed the doors on the top half to create open shelves so that you can actually see what's up there and maybe even (heaven forbid) use it!
I know it means more dust, but for me, I'd rather see my stuff - even with dust on it - than hide it away so that you can't even tell if its dusty or not, let alone see it ;-) I actually didn't have to twist mum's arm...well, not much. She trusts me.

And we all agree it looks much, much better minus the doors.

I had to put the existing knobs back on as we didn't have any (or access to any) cool ones, but Mum will be able to do that herself when she gets some.

Wanna see some progress shots?

This is the base with one coat on. AND I did absolutely no prep on this!
I cleaned it and that was it.

I wanted to show you my new favorite brush. I pretty much use it on everything now! It gets into nooks and cranny's like on these drawers and works beautifully on flat surfaces too. I've used it with other paint as well, and it spreads it out with better coverage, which I love.
I got it at Mitre 10 and it was $14. Its called a detail and finishing brush and the brand is Monarch. Love it!! I haven't used the Annie Sloan brush I got for painting, only for applying the soft wax, and I'm sure its beautiful to paint with too. :-)

I also painted my parents' coffee table -

These all got three coats of old white, a little distressing and clear soft wax to protect them.
And by the end I was left with...

I have done another small piece in old white too before these. So it has gone a long way! I'll share that piece as soon as it's properly finished. :-)
I had hoped that two coats would be enough, but it wasn't quite. I  like really solid coverage unless I'm going to heavily distress a piece. Any other time I've used a white paint - even with primer - I've used four coats so ASCP is still better in the coverage department.

That orange pine doesn't like to go down without a fight!!

You may have seen some duck egg drawers in the progress pics above?
I had a little dilemma with those so I need to ask a few questions and I'll get back to posting those later when I've worked a few things out.

It's almost the weekend again and I'm having my hair coloured tomorrow (Saturday)...yay!!
Nothing too radical though, I'm afraid ;-)

What are you up to?

Have a good one, whatever you do!

Courts xx

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Lea said...

Always love to see what you are working on Courtney. I am desperate for a hair colour at the moment! Enjoy!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it looks gorgeous! love the wood knobs with it!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...
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Allison said...

ok I bags you to come to my place next long weekend!! orange pine but a shed full of vintage beauty queens just waiting for your paint brush!!. oh and I`d provide copious amounts of coffee/tea/choccys/champas!!. Howd the hair go?? last attempt had me looking like Billy Idol with big hips. no doubt you look gorgeous!! xx

Restyled Vintage said...

That hutch looks amazing Courts, what a busy few days you had at your parents' place! I am nervously getting near the end of my tin of Old White and I won't be getting more for about 3 weeks, argh I am stressing at the thought of running out!

I'm eyeing up a couple of pieces of orange pine in my house, I think their time has finally come, as ASCP makes it so easy, even if you do need to do three coats (I am finding the same, two isn't quite enough).

Enjoy your hairdo, have a lovely weekend :)

xx Karen

Catherine said...

That hutch is fantastic! Honestly looks like a completely different piece with the paint and removal of doors.

I'm hoping to get stuck in to more painting tomorrow - I really haven't done a whole lot lately.

Alison @ Rubylicious Bespoke said...

That hutch looks AMAZING! What a difference, even the original knobs look good with it. Have a great weekend with your new 'do xx

Katie said...

Dang girl! Look at all that furniture - maybe I could slip a few of my pieces in there! ;) The hutch is looking great in its new coats of white!!

Sue SA said...

I am slowly coming around to the painted pine look, just not that keen on the work...perhaps some child labour might be in order when the weather is warmer!

Rachelle said...

The hutch looks great! And look at all the furniture-you've been one busy girl!

Fiona said...

Wow. Amazing. Your Mum is a lucky lady!

Jo Coastal Home Love said...

Great improvement! They look sooo much better! Jo :) x

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