Sunday, 28 April 2013

Before And After: Little Black Chair...And An AWESOME Giveaway!!

Have I mentioned before that I love black furniture?

Not everything in the room black...and while we are on that subject - I don't like every piece of furniture in a room painted either, a nice mix of everything does it for me ;-)

With just one piece of furniture in a room done in black, it does something to the space. It adds a little drama and just 'something'. It's hard to describe what exactly it is - try it and you'll see! It doesn't have to be painted furniture. It can be black upholstery or even a cushion or throw. 

With that in mind, check out this awesome chair...

Love the spindles! Even though they are 'fun' to paint ;-)

And now after a little black treatment...

Much better!!
This colour is my all time favourite 'black' - called klavier by dulux - its almost black, but not quite. It has a pearl-ish quality to it that I really love. And the slight shine you can see is from my other fave - beeswax!

Did you notice that my usual pink stripes on the wall are gone?!
They've been replaced by these...

light bulb wall decals that I got for subscribing to Real Living magazine!! LOVE them!!! (and they're black ;-)
I received 6 of these light bulb decals and as you can see I only have three on my wall. Would you like the chance to win the other three?!
I'm giving them away in my first giveaway!!

All you have to do to be in the running is -:

1. Follow this blog
2. follow me on instagram (@apprenticeextrovert)

or follow me on both for two chances!
Then leave me a comment to let me know you are following and would like to go in the draw!

If you would like to enter here, but don't have a blog yourself - you need to sign up for a free google + account first so you have a profile to be able to follow me and other awesome blogs and also so you can leave me a comment. :-)
I had to remove the 'anonymous' choice from my comments because of the extraordinarily large amount of spam I was getting.

If you already follow me here or on Instagram, you just need to comment that you'd like to enter and it doesn't matter where you live, as long as you can receive mail you are in with a chance!

Any other questions?? Please ask!

I will randomly select a winner in a weeks time - Sunday May 5th - and announce the winner here!
Good luck!!

In other news...I have some more projects to show you that I've recently finished, I apologize for my lack of posts lately but I promise I'm back on schedule again now!
So keep an eye out for some more posts this week and remember to enter the giveaway!!

Have a fantastic week!!

Courts xx

Friday, 5 April 2013

Our Home Tour Part One: The Bedrooms

As are some shots of inside our place. I know it was that long ago that you don't really remember me promising, but I did! Promise ;-)

My gorgeous friend Bianca from Ivy Loves Jack is pretty handy with her camera (she's an all-round creative/talented girl!) and spent quite a few hours here shooting and then editing these shots for which I am truly grateful!! It was a dull and cloudy day for the shoot to, so she did such an amazing job with these. I just love how they turned out!

 I won't talk too much about the pics, just know that this is always a work in progress and things change around here pretty regularly as I'm sure you do at your place too!!

*Vintage beds that I found in my favorite second-hand shop for about $65 each
I'm not going to paint the beds...I kinda love them just as they are!
*Tony's band posters - he tries to get them in the house anywhere he can! The girls don't even notice them or ask what they are ;-)
*Most things in this room are vintage, the exceptions being an ikea throw, freedom flamingo cushion and typo owl.

*Target glass lamps with recovered shades (that I did ages ago and am now a bit over!)
*My DIY floor rug that I've stapled down, does not really go well in this room but I had nothing else...yep it has a rip in it from moving the bed!
*Headboard that was our old garage door that I stripped back to this.
*I upholstered the base (and need to cut off the excess fabric obviously!) because I dislike valances and the ones that have the elastic seem to slip off all the time.

*2 x antique hospital beds pushed together to make a queen bed...more or less...the mattress is squished in there. My mum bought these at auction when I was about ten and they are 3/4 the width of a normal single bed. I've never had them powder coated and possibly never will. These beds mark the beginning of my love of old things and I'm pretty sure I will never part with these!
*The big lamp is on my to-do list...way down the list.
*Again, most things are vintage finds.
*The number 8 artwork you can read about right here.

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned for more :)

Happy weekend!!

Courts xx
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