Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Its The Legs That Make The Difference

Well I think legs can make a HUGE difference anyway. And yes, I am talking about furniture...although it could relate to humans too;)

Example: This awesome little set of drawers

Which you have possibly sighted here before looking like this:

And before that, like this:

When I got these, it had no legs as you can see and thought I was on a winner with the red casters.
But in reality, they were a little impractical. Who wants their furniture moving every time you open a drawer!!

So I had a brainwave (sometimes it happens) and I scrounged around in the shed to find these legs I'd been saving for a rainy day. Perfect!!
Since the Abigail Ahern Masterclass I've been looking at things differently and one of the words she used a lot was - oddball. I love something that stands out from the crowd. Something you can't find anywhere else and you're guaranteed that nobody else will have the same. Oddball!!
And thats what I think when I look at these drawers now. They were meant to have these legs!

FYI, way back when I first did these drawers, the paint bled under the tape and I did a mini-tutorial on how I fixed that which you can check out here!

What do you think?

Could you handle a little oddball in your life?!

Have a fantastic week and stay safe if you're in The States' east coast!

Courts xx

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P.S I've been a liitle slack on the blogging front, I know and I'm sorry!! If you follow me on instagram you'll know why (@apprenticeextrovert) if not...well, a long story short - I've stepped into chauffer/plumbers assistant role recently when Tony fell 3 metres onto concrete at work and has his arm in plaster for 3 weeks.
He is a very lucky boy!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Before And After: Dresser

Hi! Happy hump day!
Aren't the weeks flying?! I don't even want to think about Christmas yet...but I know it's looming.
Its before and after day here today. I feel like I haven't done one for ages!!

This dresser is one I recently finished for my wonderful client which will live in their master bedroom.

This is another one that's been in her family for a while, in fact...her dad made it! How cool is that?!
Here's the before - minus the round wooden knobs it had -

I primed this first with a primer that can go over water or oil based paint. I wasn't 100% sure what had been used in the past so this covered both scenarios.
I then sprayed the dresser with my paint sprayer (I use one attached to our air compressor) and did 4 light coats and allowed it to cure for a week before waxing with beeswax.

I picked up these new knobs a little while ago and I think they take this dresser from 'cool' to 'OH WOW!!' These are definitely my favorite knobs now!

This piece has now been safely delivered back to its owners who will be pleased to have somewhere to put clothes again ;)

Hope you are having a wonderful week!! 

Courts xx

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Look At My Market Stall...

Get ready for photo overload...sorry, I'm extremely happy with how it all looked, happy with my sales and the awesome feedback I got!
I met some wonderful, creative people and had a lot of laughs so it was a fun and successful weekend all round!

The awesome sign that Karl did for me after getting practically no notice from me, which I am extremely grateful for...I'm sure he was cursing me;) This is a fabric backdrop (interface to be exact) and he airbrushed the 'extrovert' on for me. Well, I think that's what he did...correct me if I'm wrong Karl!! I am so stoked with how it turned out, it's very 'me' and hopefully I will get to use it again!
You can check out kds designs blog here!

My washi tape floor rug.

the morning of the last day above.

Us stall holders also got to sample some treats on Sunday made by the extremely talented 'lady whisk' who is a new caterer in Horsham and I must say...her food is to die for!!!
If you are local and need some gorgeous food for a small event (max 30 people) I highly recommend lady whisk and you can call her on 0438 841229 or email ladywhisk@yahoo.com.au
A peek at some of her food...

I ate that macaron at the front there and nearly keeled over it was soooo good!!

If you want to see more photos...surely not ;) there are a few more on instagram - @apprenticeextrovert 
My computer has the go-slows today and this post has taken me all day to upload the pics so I'm going to stop now!!

I actually have a before and after to show you tomorrow so I'll see you then!!

Courts xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Art Show This Weekend!

Busy weekend ahead!!

 The Wimmera Art Show is on this weekend at the Horsham town hall and starts tomorrow night - opening night - from 6pm until 10pm.
Then Saturday 10 - 4 and Sunday 10 - 3

I will be there with my furniture as well as a few other stall holders and some amazing artwork and photography on display.
If you are local, make sure you come down and have a look and also say 'hi'!!
I'd love to see you!!

source (photo by Luke Hobbs)

I will try and get some pics of my stall to show you here...after going to Abigail Ahern last week, I'm going to try and knock it out of the park!! Well...time permitting! And children. And babysitters. And Tony with his ute. Just a few things need to fall into place so I can make my vision a reality. Like anything worthwhile, it'll take a team effort!!

Wish us luck!!

Courts xx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Masterclass With Abigail Ahern

Well I'm back, my mind is churning a million miles an hour, I have ideas popping into my head at all hours of the day and night and I'm feeling inspired and stressed!!
Inspired by all the things I learnt at Abi's masterclass and stressed by how much I now want to do!!

We had a fantastic day and learnt soooo much. She is very passionate about interiors and knows what she likes and doesn't like (which I admire...I tend to fence-sit about a few things!) and has an awesome sense of humour to boot, :) which came in handy after it taking 42 hours from Heathrow to Melbourne, only just arriving a couple of hours before our class started. Hats off to Abi and her husband Graham for, not only being able to function, but to pulling off an amazing educational day!! And to do it over again for the next three days as well!!

Ok. So what did I learn?

Well I could probably write a months worth of posts to answer that...which could get a little much so I'm going to summarize as best I can and if you have questions or want further information - feel free to shoot me an email and I can hopefully answer it for you :)

First and foremost, the class was about Abi's particular style of interior design - eclectic, edgy, quirky, vintage, jaw dropping are just a few descriptive words for it - and how to go about it yourself.
Ways to incorporate it in your own home or clients home.
Such as:
-Painting out walls, trims, ceilings, floors, shelves, skirting boards, architraves etc all in the one color (preferably a dark-ish shade) to make all of your 'stuff' stand out.
-Giving a room lots of layers, ie. rugs, art etc. Create several focal points in a room, instead of just one.
-Each room needs something in it that makes you smile. An element of whimsy or quirk. Animals work well!
-Hallways are the most neglected area of a house and need as much attention (and layers!) as your living room.
- Lighting is HUGE to the feel of a room. When you think you've got it right...add a few or five more lamps!!  (Shadows are important too though! You don't want to feel like your in a hospital!)
-Every room needs some circles to soften the 'rectangleness'. Like round tables or mirrors.
-Play with scale in a room. Put a lamp thats too big on a teeny tiny table for example.
-Put things that would normally be reserved for the living room in the kitchen to soften it - rugs, chandelier.
- Add an oddball color to something in the room. Something unexpected.
- Every room needs a little glossy something. Like Ikea besta burs or a spray painted glossy piece...right up my alley ;)

Abi also did a segment on designing on a shoestring - which we all love, right? She suggested plenty of things that you find here in blogland and a few more. Some examples are spray painting things, ikea kitchen/wardrobe carcasses with doors that go floor to ceiling for instant luxe, graffitting up a cheap landscape and hang on the wall for an edgy look or instead of buying an expensive rug...paint one on your floor!

This is just a snippet of what I got out of the class and obviously Abi talked in greater detail about all these things and more AND in a way that made me want to rush home and take everything out and start again!!
Her passion is kinda contagious!

One big tip I loved was if you limit your color palette to 3 or 4, you can mix as many different patterns and textures together in a room and it just works. Pattern is so huge right now and clashing patterns is even bigger, so now we know how to pull it off!! Stick to a small color range!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into Abigails masterclass and start looking around your house to see where you can change things up!!

I'm hoping to be back before the art show I'm doing in Horsham this weekend...it is a little hectic round here at the moment!!

Have a great week,

Courts xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Extrovert Excitement!!

We head off to Melbourne tomorrow (Yay!!) for the Abigail Ahern masterclass on Friday - which I mentioned yesterday - I think I'm going to be too excited to sleep!!

I also mentioned here yesterday that I had some other news...well if you click HERE you can find out what I'm up to ;)

I'll be back next week to tell you about masterclass etc. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Courts x

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Busy And Some News!!

I'm still here...still alive ;)
Its been a little crazy busy for me the last two (and next two!) weeks!!

School holidays are over and its back to the routine - which helps - but its still been busy.
I have custom work in progress, which of course I will share when its done!!

We've had a beautiful friend of ours visiting from Adelaide and I made a dash to Geelong (3.5 hour trip each way!) to see my gorgeous Nan who is in hospital there.

She's been sick for a couple of months now, with no-one really willing to get to the bottom of what is actually wrong. Finally, after calling an ambulance, she's now getting lots of tests done so we can finally get to the bottom of her illness.

In some exciting news, my friend Bianca and I are off to Melbourne on Friday to do a masterclass with Abigail Ahern a London based interior designer (who I may have mentioned here before) who's work I am absolutely in love with!! Her style is soooo 'me' ;) and I feel very fortunate to have gotten a place in her class. I cannot wait!! We'll both be full of awesome interior style knowledge after this!!

That's Abigail in her office. I think I'd almost kill to have her table:)

I have other news...but I'll save that for another day. I know I'm a meany sometimes!!


If you are an instagram lover like myself, you can now follow me if you like!! I've been on instagram for a while but only recently worked out about the social side of it :)
@apprenticeextrovert is me and you'll see lots more of me/my life and not very many furniture pics...I'll save those for the blog:)

Take care,

Courts xx

Friday, 5 October 2012

Guest Posting Today At Primitive & Proper!!

Today I'm guest posting over at my blog idol Cassies', which I am waaaaay excited about!!
Just in case you don't know...Cassie is an American blogger who is a furniture girl like me and is one of the most kindest and loveliest people around!! I've learnt a whole lot from Cassie - be it DIY stuff or blogging etiquette - and Primitive & Proper is just a beautiful place to visit!!

So please head on over to read a little more about me by clicking right here!!

See you there!!

Courts xx
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