Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Swimming In Awesomeness!!

I mentioned a few posts back about some awesome finds I've been lucky enough to come across lately.

This is one of those finds...

A beauty from perhaps the 60's or 70's.

With cute little legs and a beautiful curvy shape

When I first came across this, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it.

A vision flashed before my eyes. It was all timber and teal. Stripeless.

Then when we brought it home, Tony said "I really like those drawers."

And I said "Oh. I was going to redesign and sell them."

And he said "I really like them."

And so they're now residing in the girls room, which is now feeling retrofied. I like it! Except that I've bought two old fashioned Queen Anne beds for them which aren't retro at all. (We don't have them yet.)
That'll be a design challenge when the time comes!

A similar conversation occured when I finished this piece...

This is now his bedside table!

Men! One minute they want you to clean out 'their' shed of all your furniture, the next they're in love with everything you've done/bought and can't part with it!!
And they think 'we' confuse them!!

But just between you and me...I'm secretly glad we're keeping this retro tallboy. I do kinda love it!!

Don't tell Tony ;-)

Courts xx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ottoman Upholstery Tutorial

Yesterday I showed you this ottoman I re-covered. And today I'm going to show (and tell) you how I did it.

I used a painters drop cloth to cover this. I've wanted to try it for some time after first seeing Miss Mustard Seed use it on her fantastic blog about 12 months ago.

I know I'm a little late jumping on the drop cloth bandwagon...better late than never right?! ;-)
I gotta say I love it! It has some cool texture to it and was easy to work with.

The first thing I did after removing the old fabric was to cut out a square piece of the canvas that would fit around my ottoman. I just wrapped it around roughly and cut it big enough so that I'd have enough to staple underneath.

Then on with the upholstery. The fabric goes on right side down and I pin down each corner, making sure it's on nice and tight. I used the exact same technique as I did when I upholstered the outdoor daybed.

Sew down each corner, making sure to angle your stitches back in towards the middle when you get to the very bottom edge. This helps reduce fabric bunching when you staple it underneath.
In the next photo it's already been stapled on underneath and you can kinda see where it tapers back in towards the middle where I've sewn down the corner. If I'd kept sewing a straight line down, I'd have to fold the excess over before I stapled and it wouldn't look as neat. :)

I've learnt from my mistakes people!!!

Cut off the excess fabric and turn it right side out. Then carefully slide it on the ottoman ready to staple. You need a little stretch in your fabric because you've sewn each corner in narrower. I promise it'll go on!!

Staple each side first, starting at the middle and leaving the corners for now. Then work on opposite sides, pulling tight as you can and then lastly do your corners.

You can then cover the base with some leftover fabric, or do what I did and re-use the original base cover if it's in great condition, as mine was!

See the little tiny hole in the corner? That's where the screw for the little plastic feet goes.
Mine was missing when I got this so I got more from ebay. You could use little timber legs or even castors.

Now for the design.

I knew what I wanted to do before I started so I had a little practice on a scrap piece of canvas first.

Looks a little purple...sorry about that!

I wanted a watered, washed out looking cross so I really watered down some dark grey paint. I used a BIG house paint brush that's maybe about 10cms (4 inches) wide.

As you can see, it went a little stripey on the practice run...and I liked it!! Kinda looks like a barcode!

Then the water spread it out a little, which is what I wanted so I went ahead and painted the cross on the top. I just eyeballed it, I'm not really much of a measure-er for the design part. I love things to look organic and homemade!

Love the texture!!

This was when it was just painted, before the water did it's thing.

And there you have it. Another ottoman down, one more in the works as we speak and a few more floating around with question marks hanging over them!!

Feel free to email me with any questions, I'd be happy to help you out. A big thanks to those awesome readers who have already emailed me questions through, I love getting them!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Courts xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

I'm Back With Something To Show!!

We FINALLY have internet access again! YAY!!
I've been making do with my iphone, so I'll probably have a huge bill!
It turns out someone hacked into our email and has been sending spam from our address. Yeah, nice of them wasn't it?

Anyway, lesson learnt. I won't let our anti-virus protection run out again ;-)

So - been wondering what I've been up to?

Here's the first of the many projects I've been working on while being offline.

It seems as though I have a 'thing' for ottomans/footstools.

I currently have 6 at home - not all in use- some are to sell when I have my next market stall.

Like this one -

And now this one -

My style is slowly evolving from strong and structured stripes to more organic, freehand shapes.

It is a gradual thing though, I'm sure you'll still see some strong designs here every now and then ;-)

I'll be back tomorrow to show you how I did this ottoman re-design!

It's good to be back!!

What have you been up to?

Courts xx

Primitive and Proper

Monday, 21 May 2012

Internet Down Over Here!!

Yep, we've been without Internet for over a week now and it's driving me crazy!!
I didn't realize just how much I rely on Internet access on a day to day basis. Perhaps the universe is telling me I need a break ;)

Anyway, I'll be back as soon as the tech has cleaned our computer of viruses with some cool furniture projects and awesome finds. I've been busy painting, op shopping, upholstering, op shopping, prepping oh and some more op shopping!! I have had some serious luck lately!!

Hope you're having an awesome week!!

Courts xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

A Mysterious Mystery!

It's been a busy few months here lately.



Weekends away...

along with the usual routine of kinder, music, furniture projects, cooking, cleaning...ok, you get the picture!!

My cleaning went to a whole new level this week when after being out of the room for a minute, I came back to my almost 2 year old saying "Spilt it. Spilt it" and showing me her milo all over the floor. To which I said 'that's ok', I cleaned up the mess and made her another milo. Pretty boring story right?

Wait. There's more!

A few hours later, standing in almost the same spot...ok, I was sitting on the chaise and feeling a little tired when I yawned one of those BIG yawns where you have to stretch your arms out wide and tilt your head back and it's LOUD.

That's when I noticed this -

Yep, that's our ceiling!

I immediately panicked and rang Tony (who was on a roof at the time) saying, "I think we have a water leak in the roof!! There's brown water marks on the ceiling in the lounge room!!"
He says "We haven't had any rain Courts, it can't be. I'll have a look when I get home."

Which he does.
He says "I think it's something on the ceiling. It doesn't look like water has dripped through."

And then 'ping' I remember.

It does kinda look like milo doesn't it?

We have 3 metre (over 9ft) ceilings at home. How could a not-quite-2-year-old get milo on the ceiling?

Especially when I cleaned most of it up off the floor.

One of life's many mysteries.

'til next time,

Courts xx

P.S It's actually still there...on the ceiling. Tone's ladders are at the place where he's working, so I can't get to it!!! I don't think the sabco mop is cut out for ceiling cleaning!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

DIY Side Table

One skadoo is at kinder, one is asleep...so this is what I do -

I play around with furniture and accessories.
This is such fun for me!!

A little indoor daybed, cushions and vintage paisley sleeping bag.

Thank goodness for daybed wheels! Makes it easier for me to play around!
(You can see more of the indoor daybed here.)

What I really wanted to show you is the side table.

It has featured here before, in my very first blog post!

Tony built it for me from pallet timber over a 2x4 pine frame and I white washed it, then waxed it with an orangey color wax - it was all I could get at the time.

I much prefer cool colors over warm colors - in clothes, hair color, home decor. Pretty much everything!
So now the table has had a little work done.
I 'cooled' it down. In hairdressing it'd be called toning. You know when your blonde highlights go a little too warm or yellow-y? A hairdresser will often tone it down to be a 'cooler' blonde color.

Thant's what I did.

I 'toned' the side table!

Some dark grey glaze and it's so much better. Looks a little nordic now I think.

Perfect for a dash of rusticism in a white room! (just made that word up...yeah I don't know how to pronounce it either :))

I'll have lots more project posts up soon (...hopefully) when I can get them completed.

I've had some major scores while out thrifting lately and can't wait to show you!!

Have an awesome week everybody!!

Courts xx

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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I decided to do something about all the blank wall space we have at home...finally, and created some wall art myself. Well, ok, Tony cut the ply and put a frame on the back for me.

Credit where credit's due. :) Thanks Tone!!

And this design is a blatant copy that I saw on Abigail Ahern's blog and fell in love, had to have it.
Or rather, had to make it! I am unsure who designed it or whose home it was photographed in ( I have a feeling it was in an Australian home :) ) but if you do, please let me know as I would love to credit them. 

If you don't know of Abigail Ahern, go check her out. She's an interior designer in London and I just love her style. She breaks all the rules when it comes to design. My kind of designer! And she does classes. If only!!

Looks a little crooked in the top photo! Wanna know how I made it?

Here's what I did:

 My Fast Five Details -

1.Cut a sheet of ply to the size you want, then attach four strips of batten with tiny nails - hammering them in from the front. This will help to keep the ply flat and also give you something to attach hooks to for hanging when you're done. 
2. I spray painted the whole sheet of ply black, it took a few coats.Then  used a drawing pin, grey lead pencil and some string to mark out my circles for the '8'
I measured the width to find the centre then stuck in the drawing pin with string tied to it, tied the other end to the pencil and ta-da - a perfect circle!

3. I then filled in the eight with two coats of white ceiling paint - allowing the appropriate drying time in-between.

4. The white drips actually happened of their own accord when I did the second coat, curtesy of a little water mixed in the paint :) The green drips I did by adding some green paint into a clean sauce bottle - the one that has a nozzle - and carefully squeezed it onto a chosen spot, making sure to un-squeeze before taking the bottle away so as to not put extra drips on.

5. Attach string to the back via two oval hooks and hang on the wall!

You  may have noticed that I'm going in a bit of a new direction lately with my creative projects - change is always good I think! It's something I love to do and happens pretty naturally for me.
You may or may not like some of the things I do - and thats ok! What I want to do for a project is not something I think about too much, it just kind of happens. I never have to debate with myself for too long about what I'm going to do to a piece of furniture.

So I hope you enjoy checking in with what I've been up to - even if it's not something you would do or have in your home!

I appreciate you reading!! xx

Hope your week is awesome!!

Courts xx
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