Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Spoonful Of Sugar...

from my new vintage canisters,

that I bought while on holidays,

can do wonders for your skin.

Are you wondering where I'm going with this?

It's a very un-furniture tip for you!

One dessertspoon of sugar into your body wash/shower gel and you've got yourself a quick and easy body scrub to exfoliate those dead skin cells away!!

And it works!!
I do this when I think of it, or when my skin looks so dry I can't bear to look at it!
Slather on some moisturizer when you jump out of the shower or some fake tan if you so desire. This is perfect as a pre-tan exfoliator.
I wouldn't recommend you use it on your face, it might be a little harsh for that.

So off you go...take the sugar canister into the shower with you (I do!!), and get ready to glow!!

Courts x 

1 comment:

The Sugar Mountain said...

I LOVE them!!! And I have a give-away today of some beautiful tea towels (organic and fair trade) and one of them has a rooster on it. Just sayin' xo

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