Friday, 24 February 2012

How I Finish An Upholstered Piece

Remember these?

They will shortly be heading off to their new home in Brisbane!! Very exciting!!

I really enjoy doing upholstery...I still have a lot to learn, but I set myself a challenge to complete more upholstered chairs this year. Chairs are what I love the most when it comes to furniture. They fit perfectly into a corner, they're functional and each one can be unique.

There's something about making an old, tired chair come to life again with some contemporary fabric and a little elbow grease!

I thought I'd share how I finish off an upholstered piece, whether it's to keep or sell.
Pretty simple, really. Just two steps...

1. Scotch guard. To protect the fabric from spills, which if you're anything like me - are bound to happen!! Did you know you can buy scotch guard from the supermarket? How cool is that?! I give it two coats, allowing it to dry in between. But please read the manufacturers instructions, it can vary from brand to brand on how to use it. I recommend a test patch on a scrap of the same fabric, just to make sure it doesn't ruin it!

2. Floor protectors. Just peel and stick on each chair leg. Saves the floor that it'll be sitting on.
You can get these from hareware stores and I've even seen them in the supermarket too! I try and get them in the size and shape of the chair foot for maximum protection.

Oh and if your selling, remember to let buyers know that you've done these two steps and that they don't have to bother.
Which reminds me...I better let the Parker set's new owner in on that!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!
Its going to be super hot here, think there'll be some water activities happening to cool off!!

Courts x


Anne said...

Thanks for your comment on my chair from uph boot camp! ;) I LOVE your style! I'm drooling over the striped chairs! All the best! :)

Tanei Atagi said...

These are really beautiful! Nice work! I just found your blog today, and you mentioned in a previous post something about your kitchen/dining/lounging space...would you mind showing pictures of it? I am looking for some inspiration for a very functional and relaxing dining/hang out space.

The Moerks said...

Great tips Courts, hope your chairs have a safe trip to Brissy. deb

Queen of Chairs said...

I love the dining set, my favorite is how the chair with the blue stripe stands out. I also love your floors!

Catherine said...

Another one who loves that blue punch of colour - these really are fantastic! You should be very proud!

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