Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Quick Before And After

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has voted for me in Apartment Therapy's 'The Homies' awards, I really do appreciate it!!
And to whoever nominated me...THANK YOU!!!!!

Okay. Back to business now!

I think I mentioned a few posts ago (before things got crazy!!)that I've challenged myself to do more upholstery this year...

so why not start off the year with something small?

Like a footstool!

How cool is the fabric?
It is VINTAGE, oh yes!! So retro, I love it!! If only I could find some more.

BTW, that's Tony's reading material sitting on top there.
I'm more of a sci-fi/fantasy reader myself :)

This little piece of awesomeness will be for sale at my next market stall, which of course I will keep you updated on! I have another to do as well...as soon as I find the right fabric!

Wanna see the before?

It was ready for an overhaul!!

And lastly, a little outdoor daybed update...for all those who have been curious...

Our dog, Doyle, has now discovered it.
He's been caught twice lying on it. He didn't notice it for a good couple of weeks and I thought we were in the clear!

He is easy to train so I'm hoping to train him to stay off it...pigs might fly, too!!

Courts x

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Something HUGE Has Happened!!!

Ok, so I have an announcement to make.

It's a big one.


No, that's not a word. I just made it up. But it does describe the situation that I find myself currently in.

You see...the daybed. It kinda made it on to Apartment Therapy!!!!

In case you're wondering, Apartment Therapy is the hugest, biggest home design/DIY website there is.
As well as Design*Sponge of course!

You can check out their post on the daybed here. And you can check out mine here! In case you missed it :)

But that's not all!!!

I've also been nominated for the...

Homies Topper 2.24.12.jpgBest Home Design Blog

Can you believe it?? No, I'm still in shock!!

So here's where I need your help :)

I would love it if you'd head over and vote for me!!!

You do need to sign up, but it's super easy and they don't hassle you with emails!! You just put in your email, the name you want to go by (if you want to comment) and a password.

I really appreciate it and I promise I have some more cool stuff coming up on this here blog!!

Thank you for supporting me!!

Love Courts xxxx

Friday, 24 February 2012

How I Finish An Upholstered Piece

Remember these?

They will shortly be heading off to their new home in Brisbane!! Very exciting!!

I really enjoy doing upholstery...I still have a lot to learn, but I set myself a challenge to complete more upholstered chairs this year. Chairs are what I love the most when it comes to furniture. They fit perfectly into a corner, they're functional and each one can be unique.

There's something about making an old, tired chair come to life again with some contemporary fabric and a little elbow grease!

I thought I'd share how I finish off an upholstered piece, whether it's to keep or sell.
Pretty simple, really. Just two steps...

1. Scotch guard. To protect the fabric from spills, which if you're anything like me - are bound to happen!! Did you know you can buy scotch guard from the supermarket? How cool is that?! I give it two coats, allowing it to dry in between. But please read the manufacturers instructions, it can vary from brand to brand on how to use it. I recommend a test patch on a scrap of the same fabric, just to make sure it doesn't ruin it!

2. Floor protectors. Just peel and stick on each chair leg. Saves the floor that it'll be sitting on.
You can get these from hareware stores and I've even seen them in the supermarket too! I try and get them in the size and shape of the chair foot for maximum protection.

Oh and if your selling, remember to let buyers know that you've done these two steps and that they don't have to bother.
Which reminds me...I better let the Parker set's new owner in on that!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!
Its going to be super hot here, think there'll be some water activities happening to cool off!!

Courts x

Friday, 17 February 2012

Industrial Cool

I don't mind a hint of industrial-ness about the place, so I was pretty excited when I came across this chair and lampshade recently...

It's really a before and after of the stool, I'm not going to do anything to it. I love it just as it is!
Can you believe it was only $8?!!

And the lamp shade, which is HUGE, had wool wrapped around it that would've been lovely in it's prime but pretty filthy now! I forgot to take a before shot, sorry :) I was so eager to get the wool off!!

It got a few coats of orange spray paint and attached to my vintage floor lamp that I inherited.
Yeah, I know...I'm a bit lucky.

I'm not sure how long the lamp will keep this shade on for. I'm pretty sure Tony is not loving it!
I think the trick is to get a bulb with a lower wattage...less brightness for tired eyes at night.

I must say I love lamps, we usually have 3 or 4 on at night as our only light.
We have a massive room, so we kinda need a few.
I love the ambience it gives.

What do you use for lighting at night? Are you a lamp person too?

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Courts x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day Bed Tutorial...Part Two

The Upholstery

So this is more my domain...mind you, I am still learning. But here we go -

An 'un-dressed' photo.

1. Adding foam

This part is relatively easy. All you'll need is some craft glue and an electric knife. Oh, and your foam of course! I used 2 lots to get the thickness I wanted. Both thrifted! I think I paid $26 for all the foam I used which isn't bad considering a single bed sized foam mattress is about $80 new!

First I layed the foam onto the day bed so I could mark where I needed to cut.
I knew I was going to have a few joins, but once it's upholstered you don't notice them at all.

Make sure to draw your line around onto the side as well.
Grab your trusty electric knife and lets get cutting!

I found the best way to cut was through the narrow side, looking down on your work as pictured above. If you do it looking at the flat wide side, the cut would tend to be quite wavy and not nice and perpendicular to the top.
Repeat this step until you've got your little foam puzzle pieces fitting nice and snug together. It's better to cut them a little bigger rather than smaller, you can always cut a bit more off. Once it's gone, its gone...kinda like a hair cut!!

Next, grab your glue and drizzle it on, as below.

Sit the foam on and let it dry. I didn't press it down much, the glue seems to hold it there pretty well.
Then you'll have something like this...

I then repeated the same steps with my next layer of foam. I just made sure the joins were in a different place.

I just remembered, you need to glue the edges of your foam together as well as the bottoms. Helps it all stay together!

Next I put on some wadding/batting to help cover any joins and make it a little softer.

It wasn't quite wide enough but I found it just kinda sits there in place, so I stapled it on. You can just see the joins near the middle :)
Here's where it gets a little sad.
You see, I like nice sheets. (this is relevant, bare with me!)
There's nothing like climbing into a bed freshly made with 1000 thread count sheets. A little sateen into the mix, you can't go back to poly/cotton after these babies!
Anyway...of course they're expensive, so I just have two pairs. One on the bed, one in the wash. It all worked out quite nicely...until....one of my fitted sheets ripped.
So, lets not waste a perfectly soft, luxurious sheet I think to myself. I couldn't bare to throw it out.
Onto the daybed it went. which is the next step..

stapling that baby soft sheet on.

Luckily the rip worked to my advantage, I just continued it on, cut off the ends then stapled away!
Now a lot of people may flip this over so it's upside down and pull and staple...but not me.
I like to see that it's nice and tight and there's no bunching in the corners. It takes a little practice to staple from underneath, but it's doable. And it takes a little strength as well to pull it all tight as you can, guess that comes from all those years holding a hairdryer!
You gotta do what works best for you :) An extra pair of hands is always helpful!

I start in the middle on one side and staple almost to the corner both ways, then spin it round and do the opposite side. Then do the same on the other two sides so you've left the corners for last.

Remember hospital corners for making a bed? It's now kinda like that for your corners. Fold some of the excess in out of the way then smooth the rest over until your happy with it. Then get a staple or two in it quick before your arm falls off from pulling it all so tight!!

Now it's time for the slip cover.
It's like it's own fitted sheet that you can take off and wash. Or that was the plan until I discovered that I really dislike sewing. It's still removable, just...a little different.
Put your fabric on upside down. I discovered mine wasn't wide enough so I had to add some more to it, which is the ugly brown you can see!
Then pin each corner, making sure it's on tight.

Now sew each corner, following your pins, then cut off the excess.

Turn it right way out and try it on for size!
Now this is where it got difficult. My sewing skills are pretty basic and I envisoned hemming and threading elastic through...and hopefully I'll sit down and give it a try one day. This is what I'd recommend you do...or get someone who knows how to, do it for you!

I don't have a pic of what I actually did do next. Tony thought it was 'dodgy' and that's coming from the worlds most layed back guy!!
But I'll tell you what I did to avoid having to sit down at that sewing machine again and attempt to put elastic in.
I hand sewed big zig zags from each opposite side with embroidery cotton to pull it tight and hold it on.
After Tony's 'dodgy' comment, he asked how I was going to get it off.

Scissors my friend.
Yep. Then after I've washed it, I'll probably hand sew it right back on again!

Sorry about the lacklustre finish...hopefully there are other bloggers who've done tutorials for putting elastic in! You could also sew ties on...a few on each side (like the old electric blankets) and tie them together to get it nice and tight. Actually I think that's what I'll do.
A less dodgy approach!!

I hope you've enjoyed my 2 part tutorial on building your own day bed. Feel free to email me with any questions and definately share if you actually build one! I'd love to hear about it!!

Courts x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Day Bed Tutorial...Part One

So we had this funny corner out on our back deck...

 that we decided to build somewhere to sit/lie.

Here's how we did it and how to possibly build your own.
It's easy, I promise!!

The Fast Five Details (love that movie!!)

- we built a frame to the size we wanted attaching it to our existing deck flooring as we went
- we screwed on our reclaimed hardwood to hide the frame
-we cut chipboard to fit on the top of the frame
- we attached foam to the chipboard and upholstered with an old sheet
- we made a washable, removable slipcover in our chosen fabric.

The Nuts And Bolts Of The Build

1. Work out the size you want your day bed to be. (ours is roughly 1200 x 1400 x 380)

2. The frame.

We used pine 2x4's and made frames to suit our measurements.
2 x for each end and 3 x for the remaining ends and one to go through the middle for support.
You need to think about where you'll need support to suit the size you're building.
Tony used his nail gun to join all the pieces together, and most hardware stores can cut it all to size for you.

Remember to subtract the width of the pine each end off your width (or Length) measurement for the 3 frames running through the middle. (see below)

We tried it out to make sure it fit, then screwed it to the deck and also the frames to each other.
Other alternatives to this would be - attaching chip board to the base and screwing 4/6 casters for a moveable day bed
- screwing down chipboard to the deck then screwing the frame to it to make it more weather proof so you could use inside as storage. Just add a hinge to the top!

3. The Sides.

Next we attached our reclaimed hardwood which Tony cut to size after measuring  the frame once it was screwed down.
He attached by screwing it from the inside so no screws are visible.
We left the hardwood as it was, we wanted the old, grey weathered look!

4. The Top

Once the sides were on, we measured the inside and cut a piece of chipboard to fit.
You might notice we made the frame a little lower than the hardwood sides are, so that part of the 'bed' (upholstered bit) will sit down inside for a nicer profile!
You could build the frame the same height as your sides so the upholstery sits right on top, you would need to do this if you were attaching hinges and having storage underneath.
Our way is to hard to get the top on and off...it's a snug fit! Which is what we wanted :)

At this point you've got yourself a pretty awesome stage...perfect for 4 year olds who got a microphone for Christmas to put on LOTS of shows!!

Hope this has been informative!
I'll be back tomorrow with Part Two - Upholstery.

Courts x

P.S The wires and power points you see are for Tony's outdoor entertainment...he got the wiring for a tv and speakers etc. done when we built on this extension.
I don't get it. It must be a 'boy thing'!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

DIY Outdoor Day Bed Reveal!!

 Just after New Year I mentioned our half-finished day bed. A project we got started on, along with a few others, while the energy levels were high!!

We're so excited to have it finished!!!

I know, I know...stripes. Again.
I've shocked you haven't I?

We just love it!! It's so comfy, you instantly relax when you lie on it!
I think it's fair to say we're quite proud of ourselves!!

Remember this guy?!
Monkey magic...'ah Pigsy' & Tripitaka!! Can't remember the other guy's name.
Tony found this cushion while we were on holidays and had to have it! First time he's ever bought homewares!!:)

I have also done a tutorial on how we built and upholstered this, coming tomorrow in 2 parts.

Part One - The build
Part Two - The upholstery (psst...it's removable!!)

So there you have it! Awkward corner on the deck...resolved.
Come back tomorrow and see how we did it, could you use a day bed at your place?

I highly recommend them!!

*Our daybed has been featured a bit around the blogoshphere, so HUGE thanks to the following awesome blogs!!!

Courts x

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Black Dresser

I've had this dresser for a few years now and I still love it as much now as I did when I first bought it. I thought I'd share it with you, even though it's not something I've 'done'!!

It's kauri pine and I'm guessing that it's been stained with black japan or something similar.
It came from an antique store that I frequent.
It houses toys, recipe books and some wine that's been there for eons...Tone doesn't drink wine and I'm really not a drinker. How un-australian of me!!:)

I've just changed the vignette to this recently.
I've reacquainted myself with meditation so I thought I'd get the statue you see out of hiding to remind me to keep it up! It really makes me feel good, which makes me wonder why I stopped doing it in the first place!

Oh yeah, I had babies!! They kinda change how we perceive things in life don't they? We tend to start to put ourselves last on the list, everyone else comes first :)
Which is really all the more reason to take care of yourself...so you can be the best person you can be, for your family and friends. I think we forget that sometimes!

Writing this has reminded me now, to take better care of me!!

And this was going to be a post about a dresser!!

Take care of you!!

Courts x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Spoonful Of Sugar...

from my new vintage canisters,

that I bought while on holidays,

can do wonders for your skin.

Are you wondering where I'm going with this?

It's a very un-furniture tip for you!

One dessertspoon of sugar into your body wash/shower gel and you've got yourself a quick and easy body scrub to exfoliate those dead skin cells away!!

And it works!!
I do this when I think of it, or when my skin looks so dry I can't bear to look at it!
Slather on some moisturizer when you jump out of the shower or some fake tan if you so desire. This is perfect as a pre-tan exfoliator.
I wouldn't recommend you use it on your face, it might be a little harsh for that.

So off you go...take the sugar canister into the shower with you (I do!!), and get ready to glow!!

Courts x 
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